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The Medical Box at Home

The Medical Box at Home

Every home is incomplete without the medical box on the refrigerator. There are seven essentials that every home should have in their medical box. These are routine medicines/tablets for everyday injuries/ailments. 

  1. Crocin - The drug that is as old as time. Primarily, a paracetamol, it can be taken for headaches, fever, and body pain depending upon your preference. Crocin active is also available in the market, which is equally effective.

  2. O2 - This is a wonder drug that cures indigestion (as an antibacterial) and loose stools systematically. The cheaper substitute for this drug is lomotil that is readily available in the market. However, as suggested by many doctors, O2 is a much potent and safer option. 

  3. Electral - The packet of electral (to be dissolved in 1 litre of water) is an essential for every time there is a person suffering from an upset stomach or dehydration. The wide range of ailments for which electral is a first line of defense are numerous.    

  4. Eno/Pudinhara - The stressful lifestyle coupled with the irregular food habits are the primary causes for acidity (excess gas). The quickest way to get relief from this is to dissolve a packet of Eno in water and gulp it down. Pudinhara (ayurvedic option in a tabular form) has also been proven to be a viable option.

  5. Wikoryl - The tablet is used to relieve common cold symptoms. It is devoid of the usual side effects of drowsiness and sleepiness. 

  6. Saridon - It is the one of the best options for relieving headaches sold over the counter. It combats headaches in as less as 20 minutes and hence is an amazing cure.   

  7. Pronim - This tablet is used to treat pain caused due to muscle sprains and strains. It can also be used for menstrual pains (cyclopam is also another option). 

8)  Ondem - It is one of the best anti-emetic drugs used presently.This tablet is used in the treatment of vomiting & nausea. 

The above medicines are general tablets and powders that can be kept at home for use. Depending upon your suitability and need,the substitutes for each can also be used. Kindly check with your doctor before use of any of the above medications in case of allergies or other restrictions.