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Diabetes care

Ameto G 2 mg/1000 mg Tablet
Ameto G 4mg/500mg Tablet
Ameto G Forte 1mg/500mg Tablet
Ameto G Forte 2mg/500mg Tablet
Ameto GP 1 Forte Tablet ER
Ameto GP 1 mg/500 mg/15 mg Tablet
Ameto GP 2 Forte Tablet ER
Ameto GP 2 mg/500 mg/15 mg Tablet
Angioglim MP 2mg/500mg/15mg Tablet
Apdeb 80mg Tablet

Apdeb 80mg Tablet

Rs. 29.50

Apidra 100IU Cartridge
Apribose 0.2mg Tablet
Apribose 0.3mg Tablet
Apribose M -0.3 Tablet
Apribose M 0.2 Tablet
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